Dues & Membership requirements
Dues for the year are $20.00.  The membership requirement is to be able to play a simple
scale or song.  For most people this is achievable after a few minutes of familiarization and
instruction.  We're always looking for new members and players, especially
cord and bass
harmonica players -- do you know of any?.

Names of Club Membership
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Member's Bios
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Rehearsal Times and Place
Club meetings and rehearsals are usually held on Sundays at 1:30 to 3:30 PM at:
7400 W. Greenfield Ave, West Allis, Wisconsin; in the basement meeting room.  However,
there are usually no meetings on holidays or when the club has a playing engagement.  So,
its always good to call before stopping by for the first time.
Club Charter
The MHC's goals are to provide modest entertainment for those interested in 50s - 60s type
music, to preserve and further knowledge of the harmonica and the playing of it, and to
provide exhibitions to demonstrate and  encourage harmonica's playing.
Scheduled Events
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Club Administrators
President -- Don Lorenz, telephone (414) 647-0141
Vice President -- Margarita Wisniewski, telephone (414) 383-9224
Treasurer -- Burt Ellingson, telephone (262) 703-0711
Booking Agent -- Frank Geers, telephone (262) 567-1253
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1        How far will you travel to perform?
            Most of southeastern Wisconsin -- call us for specifics.
Q2        What kinds of groups will you play for?
            We've played for nursing homes, senior citizen centers, school groups, harmonica
            conventions, and at hospitals to encourage hospital patient participation for deep
            breathing exercises.  We've put on small introductory teach-in seminars for all ages,
            etc.  Call us to inquire of your interest -- we greatly enjoy playing out.
Q3        Can we select the musical pieces you will play for us?
            Yes, if the selections are within the scope of our playing ability.
Q4        Does the MHC give harmonica lessons?
            The club itself does not -- other than critiquing at rehearsals.  However, a number of
            the members have given lessons for many years for modest fees.
Q5        Do you use sound amplification when you play out?
            Yes, we bring our own sound amplifiers as needed.
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