Before and after examples of several surface types
Cut-away tub modification for easy senior
citizen or physically impaired access
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Candid Comments
From Our Clients

"They'll never know it was chipped
there, will they?"

"We didn't think  anyone could ever  
match this color.  We can't see the
difference between your repair and
the original surface!"

"We have a new fiberglass shower
and we drilled the shower rod holes in
the wrong place. ...... Oh, you can fix
them so you can't see the holes?
....... come on over!"

"Show me where  the damaged area
was again please."

"We didn't know there was anyone
around who could do surface repairs
like you can."

"I wish I had known about your
company years ago - we could have
used you a lot!"

"We thought only white items could be
repaired. You can repair any color .....

"After seeing what you can do - I bet
you can make any kind of surface
damage disappear!  Is there anything
that you can't repair?  No?  Wow!!"

"Why didn't our contractor tell us
about you?"  Does he even know
about you?  I think we'll tell him."

"I broke my Mother-in-law's favorite
vase ... will she be able to see your
repair ... No. Then I'll bring it right

"Why didn't you tell me you were
magicians - the gouge just
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Bathtub,  Wood,  or  Ceramic
                              Descriptions of Before and After Pictures Above

(1) Chipped pink porcelain/steel bathtub, before & after our repair.
(2) Chipped white porcelain/cast-iron bathtub.
(3) Blue porcelain/steel antique gum machine.
(4) Green antique china lamp – we glued the pieces together, smoothed them out, matched the
     color & refinished just the damaged area.
(5) White tub/shower with broken jell-coat all the way down into the structural fiberglass.
(6) Chipped avocado green sink – we matched the color “right on”, even though this color hasn’t
    been manufactured for many years.  Our repair was just a little larger than the chip.
(7) Badly eroded away porcelain around a bathtub drain – we refinished just the rusted area.
(8) Damaged blonde wood molding.
(9) Rusted through porcelain/steel bathtub at the drain control – we refinished just the rusted area.
(10) Large broken china/ceramic vase.
(11) Competitor's faded fiberglass repair & our repair.
(12) Badly burned laminate counter top.      
(13) Fiberglass statue of Einstein.
(14) Chips in a hand painted decorator porcelain/vitreous sink.
(15) Hole completely through a fiberglass tub-shower.
(16) Porcelain/cast-iron bathtub with 5” X 11” area of porcelain completely broken out.
(17) Silver fiberglass bicycle carrier with 3” X 15” completely broken out and missing.
(18) Full sized porcelain statue of a Dalmatian – the tail and right rear foot had been broken off.
(19) Heirloom cobalt blue porcelain vase re-colored to match color swatch of new room décor.

(20) China ornament for a brass bed post
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