Local Man Worked With Albert Einstein
(As submitted to the February 2007 issue of 50 Plus Magazine)
Hansen always laughs when he says: “Yes, Albert really liked my work in particle
restructuring – you could see it in his face even without his saying a word.”
There aren’t many people locally that can boast of working with Albert Einstein. But
such is the claim Curt Hansen of Wauwatosa makes. He solved problems that even
those in the scientific community wouldn’t solve for Einstein – even material and
particle restructuring. Not only that, when Einstein wracked his brain, Hansen was
there to helped him keep his head together. And finally, when the world concluded that
Einstein wasn’t worth much anymore, Hansen was there to improved Einstein’s image
so that the world loved him once again -- and Hansen’s got photos to prove all this!

How long ago did all this happened? Although Einstein died in 1955 – this happend in
late 2006! You see Curt Hansen runs "A Perfect Surface Repair", a touchup/refinishing
business. Hansen jokingly asserts that he can undetectably touchup anything – even a
stick of butter if it’s cold enough! So a local man decided to put Hansen to the test. He
had a large fiberglass statue of Albert Einstein that had sustained severe damage to the
head and base. But could Hansen succeeded in restoring the beloved “Einstein” back to
its glory? Well, the pictures tell the story (see below) – what do you think – did he?

Hansen says that he can spot-finish repair almost all surfaces, finishes, and colors to
undetectably match their surrounding finish. Some examples of his repair artistry are:
cultured marble vanity/sink tops, hot-tubs, Jacuzzis, fiberglass bathtubs and showers,
porcelain bathtubs and sinks, laminate counter tops; individually broken bathroom,
kitchen, and floor tiles; toilet fixtures, vinyl window frames and sashes, appliances,
home and office furniture, wood and metal cabinetry, exterior and interior components
of high-end yachts, aircraft and recreational vehicles, antiques of all kinds, etc. Hansen
confidently states that he “eagerly accepts the challenge of ALMOST ALL surfaces,
finishes, colors (obsolete, old, and new), scratches, chips, dents, and breakage
(cosmetic and structural)”.

After laughing at his spoof and play on words, Hansen admits, “I’m no rocket scientist
but it sure looks good on my resume that I’ve worked with Albert Einstein doing
particle restructuring!”