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Fiberglass Repairs, Acrylics, Polyesters,
ABS & Most Other Plastics
Fiberglass Bathtubs & Showers, Acrylic Tubs & Liners, Hot Tubs, Jacuzzis, Sinks,
Cultured Marble Vanity/Sink Tops, Swimming Pools, Boats, Plastic TV Enclosures;
Bathtubs and sinks that have been refinished before and need touchup;
Antiques of all kinds
Porcelain Surface Repairs on Coated Steel & Cast-Iron
Bathtubs, Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks, Range Tops, Laundry Piece Tops, Bathtubs
and sinks that have been refinished before and need touchup, Antiques of all Kinds
Porcelain Surface Repairs on Glazed Vitreous Materials,
Ceramics, & Fine China
Toilets, Commodes, Bidets, Urinals, Bathroom Sinks, Hummel Figures, Figurines,
Statues, Vases, Cups and Dishes, Pottery, Individually Cracked or Broken Ceramic
Tiles (Kitchen, Bath, Counter & Floor), Items that have been refinished before and
need touchup, Antiques of all Kinds
Appliance Surface Repairs on Lacquered, Enameled,
Painted, & Powder Painted Metal Surfaces
Kitchen and Laundry Appliances, Kitchen Cabinets, Some Table Tops, Home &
Office Furniture, File Cabinets; Exterior Storm Doors; Interior Front and Rear Entry
Doors; Items that have been refinished before and need touchup, Antiques of all Kinds
Formica and Similar Materials, Laminate Counter Tops, Desk tops, Entertainment
Centers, Furniture Items, Items that have been refinished before and need touchup
Home & Office Furniture, Interior Paneling; Finishes Including Lacquered, Varnished,
Polyurethaned, Shellaced, Decoupaged, Epoxied, Painted; Antiques of all Kinds
Vinyl Window Frames, Sashes, and Casements
Cigarette burns on just about any thing, Natural Marble Items, Pottery; Exterior and
Interior Components of High-end Yachts, Aircraft and Recreational Vehicles
Specialty Modification Cut-outs
Senior citizens and the physically impaired have difficulty climbing over the front of a
bathtub for bathing. We solve this problem by literally cutting away part of the front
wall of the bathtub. This permits a person to simply step in. This is most easily done
on fiberglass, steel, and acrylic tubs.
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Our Warrantee
Our repairs carry the same warrantee as the repaired product’s new warrantee when  
purchased, and/or applicable OEM warrantees.  These repairs are remarkably  
undetectable to the unsuspecting eye - our clients complement us on this regularly.  
We are most often called upon for our expertise in fiberglass repairs, porcelain repairs,
china repairs, Hummel Repairs, bathtub repairs, shower repairs, sink repairs. And, we
are glad to provide written estimates for proposed repairs.
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We can repair almost anythingalmost any surface, material,
item, and color; stains, scratches, cracks, chips, dents, and literal holes or
missing fragments; also structural damage and OEM flaws. Some of the items
and materials we can and have repaired are listed below.  If you don’t see the
item, material, or surface you need repaired, call us anyway – we can probably
repair it also: