Q1      Are your repairs totally invisible once they have hardened/cured?
           Our repairs are remarkably undetectable to the unsuspecting eye - our clients complement
           us on this all the time.  And, for those who don't know we have repaired an item -- they will
           probably never find out unless you tell them.

Will your repair materials have any effect on those who have allergy sensitivities?
           Our finishes are similar to the finishes used on cars, boats, bathtubs, household appliances,
           furniture, and other items already in your home, school, or at your place of work.  If one's
           allergy sensitivities are not triggered by regular product finishes, they will likely not be
           triggered by our repair materials either.  Also, click on the"
WARNING" in "Q3".

What materials are used in your repairs?
           For proprietary reasons we do not reveal the chemistry of any specific repair type or
           procedure.  However, for the allergy sensitivities of some of our clients, we do issue this
           general materials statement.  Click here: ->

What is the greatest distance you will travel to make a repair service call?
           For those who are willing to pay our travel expenses - we will travel to the ends of the earth.
           We have traveled as far as 175 miles away for just one repair.  The client couldn't find anyone
           else who could make the repair he required and he had no other way to solve the problem.  
           Call us, our telephone estimates are free.

Will your repair ever loose its color?
           We have been making repairs since 1966 and have never had one fade to our knowledge.

How long will your repairs last?
           Since our repair finishes are much like standard product finishes, they should provide a similar
           service life.

How long does it take for your repairs to harden or cure?
           Each of our many repair types differ.  In a bathtub/showwer repair the material manufactures
           recommend that the repair be kept water free for 48 hours.  We however, ask that the area be
           kept water free for at least 36 hours.  Most of our repairs are usually tac-hard (dust free
           hardened) within 30 minutes.  However, they may remain vulnerable to touch/contact for
           several hours.

How much time does a typical repair take?
           About 1 1/2 to 3 hours.  Repairs requiring structural reinforcement will require additional time.

Will your repair process leave chemical smells behind after your work is completed?
           To some degree - but they begin to dissipate immediately.  Closing a door and leaving a fan
           on or a window open, such as in a bathroom area, also helps dissipate them.  Fumes usually
           dissipate completely within a day or two.

Do you use the same materials in your repairs that the original surface is made of?
           Sometimes we can and sometimes we can't.  For example, to use the same material on a
           chipped cast iron/porcelain bathtub, would require heating the bathtub up to about 2,500
           Degs. F.  This is not possible in a residential bathroom or at most job sites.  

Can you repair a textured surface?

Can you repair a multicolored surface ..... like a plaid patterned laminate surface?
           Usually.  But keep in mind, we must custom match each individual color present in the damaged
           and surrounding area.  And each color match required takes anywhere from 8 to 20 minutes
           per color, depending on the difficulty.  So these repairs can be significantly more expensive.
           Replacement vs repair should always be evaluated in these repair instances.

How much do your repairs cost?
           Like most contracting companies, our fees are based on time and materials - the total sum of
           travel time/repair time/material costs.  If you can give us an accurate description of the damage,
           we can give an accurate repair estimate on the telephone.  Also sending us an e-mail with a
           picture of the problem can be helpful.  Call us, our telephone estimates are free.

What Kind of warrantee do your repairs come with?
           Our repairs carry the same warrantee as the repaired produce’s new warrantee when
           purchased, and/or applicable OEM warrantees.  

What kind of cleaning materials do you recommend for your repaired areas?
           We recommend the use of household cleaners such as "Mr. Clean".  Do not use
           abrasives cleaners or strong chemicals on our repairs!  

           The toughest material we repair is probably porcelain - such as on a porcelain bathtub.
           Unfortunately, most homeowners think porcelain bathtubs are indestructible .... they are
           not!  Porcelain is made of fused silica sand - basically the same thing one's house windows
           are made of.  If you don't use kitchen cleanser on your house windows (and we hope you
           don't) don't use it on your porcelain fixtures, or our repairs.  

           One can make the cleaning of porcelain and fiberglass fixtures even easier.  This is done
           by purchasing a tub/shower squeegee.  Then, arrange for the last person bathing or
           showering for the morning, to squeegee the tub/shower dry.  This will almost eliminate any
           soap films and soils suspended in the water droplets, from drying and building up on these
           surfaces.  A weekly cleaning schedule is still recommended, but cleaning should be
           considerably easier.

Who use your services?  
           Discriminating Homeowners, Moving Companies, Realtors, Builders, Contractors, Remodelers,
           Interior Decorators, Architects, Designers, OEMs, Condominium Associations, Retail and
           Wholesale Merchants, Health Care Institutions, Antique Collectors and Dealers, Municipalities,
           City Housing Authorities, and Rental Property Owners and Managers.
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